5 Steps to Get More Sales From Your Facebook & Instagram Reels

If you're trying to get sales using Facebook or Instagram Reels then you need to be aware of this simple 5 step formula.

The problem most entrepreneurs face when trying to use Reels is that they think just because they got thousands of views, that they're going to make sales... but nothing could be further than the truth!

This #short video will show you the simple 5 step process people need to go through before buying / joining you.

Step #1: Viewers - Obviously you need people to see your content first so they at least know you exist.

So focus on creating regular Reels to get more viewers.

Step #2: Engagement - The more engagement you get, the more chance you'll have of going viral so make sure you ask your viewers to like, comment or share your reels.

Step #3: Followers - When you start to turn your viewers into engagers and your engagers into followers you know you're on to something!

So a great call to action is to ask people to follow you.

Step #4: Leads - and for this you'll need to make sure your profile is optimised. Have a link in your bio that goes to a webpage for people to enter in their email to get something they want for free.

Step #5: Sales - This is where you'll convert your leads into sales using whatever sales process you have in place.

So, keep this in mind Views, Engagement, Followers, Leads, Sales.

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