6 Daily Action Steps to Grow Your Business on Social Media

In today's training I'm going to give you six things you can do on Social Media every single day to move your business forwards faster.

These six action steps make up what we call The 6 Steps Method. The steps are simple, anyone can do them and you can get them done in 30 minutes or less per day if you plan your time correctly.

Step #1: Create

So the first step is to create content that attracts people to you rather than repels and pushes them away from you.

This will help you grab their attention allowing you to get more viewers and eyeballs on what you're doing.

Step #2: Capture

Next, you want to start building your audience and warm market of people who know, like and trust you.

On Social Media you do this by turning those viewers and eyeballs into fans, followers, friends or group members depending on which area you're focused on,

We call this step Capture because essentially you're capturing those people as leads which can be fans, followers, friends or group members, so you can then reach out to them and build a business relationship.

Step #3: Connect

That brings us to step 3 which is "Connect".

Now you should be connecting with at least 5 new people on Social Media every single day. To begin with you'll need to go and actively connect with other people in your perfect audience.

Send them a private message to open up the conversation and add them as a friend if possible.

If you spend a few minutes every single day adding 5 new people who have a specific pain, problem or challenge that your product, service or opportunity can solve, then within a few short months you'll have 300 to 500 extra people potentially seeing your content.

Step #4: Comment

Step 4 is to engage with other people's content. Now we call this step comment because you comment and like their posts. Ideally you should do this in short bursts 2-3 times per day.

And the reason for doing this is three fold.

Number 1: It helps the Social Media algorithm which means more people seeing your content later. 

Number 2: It helps you build faster relationships with the people who's posts you are commenting on. 

Number 3: Those people will then comment on your content which means more credibility and social proof for you.

Step #5: Communicate

Step 5 is Communicate. And again, you should be taking at least 5 people through a conversation process every single day using private messages.

You'll want to ask them some questions to uncover their pains, problem and challenges in order to position your product, service or opportunity as a potential solution to solve what they're struggling with.

Step #6: Close

Finally is Close. Now with this step you invite the person to take a look at whatever it is that you have to offer. This seems to be the step that trips most people up because they're scared of being rejected.

However, if you've done all the other steps then this should be the next logical step in the process where you recommend something you've got in order to help them solve their pains, problems or challenges.

And because you're talking to somebody who already knows, likes and trusts you, you're not going to get rejected like you would if you just invited a random stranger.

So that's it.

Create, Capture, Connect, Comment, Communicate and Close. 

A simple 6 step sequence that you can do in 30 minutes or less per day on Social Media to help grow your business.

If you've got more time than that, then just repeat the process.

Your Turn

What is your Daily Method of Operation for your business? The 6 Steps Method is the same process I've used myself to enrol close to 1000 people into multiple opportunities over the years.

However... I'm also interested in your process, so feel free to let me know in the comments below 🙂

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