Controlled & Manipulated on Social Media & What To Do About It…

Before you can succeed on Social Media, you really need to know the GAME you are playing and the role you have in the game.

See, most home business owners and entrepreneurs are NOT marketers and they really have no idea what they are doing.

Social Media has made it easy for everyone to "try" to build a home based business... and that's wonderful...

And whilst it may seem like a level playing field, IT REALLY IS NOT!

And the longer it takes you to understand that, the less chance of success you're going to have.

See... the entrepreneurs and home business owners who succeed are the ones who are IN CONTROL!

They have a STRATEGY and know exactly what they're doing and why they're doing it.

They do everything on purpose.

I call these people SMART Marketers.

Everybody else is being controlled...

  • Controlled by the Internet... 
  • Controlled by Social Media...
  • Controlled by that little device in their pockets (mobile phone)
  • Controlled by marketers who know how to GRAB their attention, persuade and influence you to their way of thinking and suck all your time away!

To be honest... I'm SICK OF IT!

I'm sick of watching people with dreams, get pulled off track, lose focus, waste time and fail.

And whilst YOU are the one "doing" the habit / behaviour daily and doing what they want you to do... and playing into their objectives...

You DO have a role to play in accepting responsibility for your actions...

And once you recognise the problem...

And accept responsibility for your part in it... you can change it!

However, it's NOT your fault.

You are being manipulated...

We as human beings are designed to repeat certain habits and behaviours to make life easier for us.

If it makes us feel good, we repeat it!

If it's hard... usually we avoid it.

See, the big Social Media companies... whilst I LOVE them... they have their own agendas...

And WE are just grains of sand on their beach.

Our attention is the currency.

WE are the commodity.

And whilst many people are laying awake at night, wondering how to build their audiences, get more views, get more engagement and then convert that attention into leads, sales and income...

The TOP DOGS are living the high life and controlling your time and attention.

Unconsciously forcing you to get distracted...

And essentially taking over your life and HIJACKING YOUR DREAMS!

And if you don't believe me, or aren't yet convinced. Ask yourself this:

  • How much time do you waste getting distracted online each day?
  • Are the activities you're doing, actually producing results?
  • How many times have you jumped from one product / opportunity to another?
  • How many times do you check your phone and notifications each day?
  • How often do you "watch a few videos" that just randomly appear on your screen or pop up when you're trying to work?
  • How often do you go online to do something important for your business and then get distracted, forget and end up wondering what you were meant to be doing?

That little red notification bell and number...

That little DING or PING!

Those cool push notifications that make you feel popular for a second.

"Oh, I've got a message..."
"Oh, I've got a notification..."
"Oh, I've got a c-o-m-m-e-n-t..."
"Oh, someone has liked my reel"

When in all honesty those metrics are doing ZERO... ZERO... ZERO to put money in your pocket!

But they make you feel good, so you do them again...

And again...

And again...

I mean...

If you're not being controlled... what is happening here?

The big platforms are FIGHTING for your attention!

They are desperate for you to using their platform for the most amount of time possible.

Right now, Facebook and Instagram are in a BATTLE with TikTok trying to keep control of your attention.

They're always planning the next thing they can roll out to get people addicted to.

WHY, because the longer you stay on their platform, the more you watch, the more you engage... the higher their numbers are which means they can charge more for Ad Revenue and sponsorship.


YES, we are being controlled by the media... big time!

And SADLY, most people's inability to be able to shut out the noise and ignore the distractions, are costing them their dreams.

See, every time you get distracted, engage with an unrelated image, watch a random video, read a random post, click a random link which leads you to a random website for a random product you buy...


And I'm talking about your time!

So, can you do anything about it?

Yes you can... 100%.

You CAN take back control of your own life and business.

You CAN make the decision to do things on purpose rather than being manipulated to do them.

You CAN create a social media strategy that allows you to focus and stick to your plans.

You CAN stay 100% focused on your goals and dreams and hit them with ease.

You CAN, you CAN, you CAN!

Will it be easy?


Will happen overnight?


Habits are hard to break and hard to form consciously, however...

The first step in this process is awareness:

Awareness of the problem and realising that YOU are being controlled and manipulated.

AND... that you CAN do something about it!

And the good news is that in my NEW PODCAST coming soon, I'm going to be talking much more about this...

I'm going to be interviewing 5, 6 and 7 figure earners about how they became SMART Social Media Marketers to get faster results, save time and earn more profits online. 

How we stay 100% FOCUSED without getting distracted...

What our social media marketing strategies are...

How we link everything together into one seamless process...

How we combine content and conversations for maximum profits online...

And much, much more!

So YOU can avoid our mistakes and implement our strategies to grow your business more effectively.

And ultimately so YOU can be 100% in control of your life and business in order to achieve your goals faster 🙂

Without being distracted by all the noise.

I'm fired up by this!

I can feel a new purpose...

To bring more awareness to the "Game" of Social Media... where YOU are trying to outwit the algorithm and all the people who are trying to distract you.

So you can SMASH your goals.

And ultimately...

Where You Win!


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