How To Avoid Distraction by Cleaning Up Your Computer Desktop in 60 Seconds or Less…

If you have documents, folders, images, videos and other files all over your computer desktop then chances are... it's distracting you and stopping you from focusing 100% on your work.

So, in this short training video I'm going tho show you a really simple trick I use to clean my desktop up if ever it gets too crazy.

By implementing this one simple strategy you should be able to FOCUS a little more on getting your important work done.

I show you how to do this on a Mac computer however the principle is exactly the same on Windows.

Step #1: Create a brand new folder on your desktop

Step #2: Drag all your files and folders into the ONE folder

BOOM 🙂 a nice clean desktop.

That's it!

Just make sure when you're downloading files that they go into your "Downloads" folder rather than on your desktop otherwise very quickly your desktop will get full again.

Your Turn

Let me know if this helped you 🙂 What was your desktop like before, and what's it like now.

Having a ton of files all over your desktop might not bother you... however unconsciously you will be distracted.

Let me know your thoughts and if you have any other tricks and ideas you use to keep yourself organised 🙂

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