How-to Lip Sync on Facebook Reels (On-Screen Tutorial)

In this short training I'm going to show you how-to Lip Sync on your Facebook Reels so you can use this powerful feature to GRAB people's attention and make them watch your content more 🙂

Learning how to Lip Sync will also help you TAP into the newest TRENDS on Social Media to reach a bigger audience and get more views...

Lip Syncing is HOT on TikTok and Instagram and the trend is now catching on, on Facebook.

So, it's the perfect time to learn how to do it.

What Is Lip-Syncing?

Lip Syncing is where you play an audio / music track in the background and sing along to it, or mouth the words along to a voice track.

The end result is that it looks like YOU singing or speaking but in the voice of the singer / speaker.

Once you've learned how to do this, the world is your oyster...

There's a TON of awesome ways to use Lip Syncing.

Here's a short clip of me Lip Syncing to a music track on Facebook Reels.


Here's the training to show you how to Lip Sync on your Facebook Reels.


Your Turn

Have you ever tried Lip Syncing before? If so, I'd love to know 🙂

If not... have a go. 

1. Go to your Facebook Reels / or Instagram Reels
2. Select a music track you'd like to lip sync to
3. Set your timer
4. Slow down the speed
5. Hit record and mouth the words.

Let me know what kind of results you get 🙂

And if you'd like to... feel free to share a link to your Lip Syncing video or reel for us to see 🙂

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