Nobody Cares About Your Business... Yet!

This is a screenshot I took from one of my clients Facebook Group headers. This image and post was posted to her Facebook Profile.

When I visited Margaret's Facebook Profile the first thing I was greeted with was a 7 different links to her network marketing company.

I was shocked and wondered what on earth was happening...

This is definitely NOT attraction marketing... it's push marketing although I think it was a mistake as Margaret hadn't realised all the links would be visible to her entire following.

Margaret is also very smart and knows how to use attraction marketing the right way...

But not on this occasion.

Quickly I grabbed a screenshot of the image and illustrated on it to show what she needed to do to change things.

Here's the screenshot:


As an online network marketer it's really, really important NOT to plaster your links and opportunity all over your social profiles...


Because it turns people off immediately.

People don't want to be sold to, yet they do want to solve their urgent problems and will buy a solution that can help them in a heartbeat!

Your job is to create DEMAND & DESIRE for your product or opportunity without actually mentioning what it is.

That bit comes later 🙂

Sounds counter intuitive doesn't it?

Well in this case, the PROBLEM Margaret is helping her audience solve is their "itches and scratchies, eczema, sensitive skin and allergies".

The end result, solution or TRANSFORMATION her audience wants to achieve is "clear, healthy looking skin".

Margaret has a "simple 3 step process" which is the VEHICLE between the problem and the transformation.


So rather than Margaret trying to sell her products / opportunity immediately... she should be educating people on WHY her method / process can help them solve their problems.

Offering tips, ideas, results, examples, testimonials, case studies etc on why her methods work.

Then once people can see how Margaret can help them, they will be much, much more likely to BUY her products because they can see she is really able to help them rather than just trying to sell something for the sake of it!

Make sense?


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