The Who, What, How Tagline Creator

In this short training I’m going to show you 3 examples of great tag lines that can help you clarify who you help, what you help them with and how you can actually help them.

I called this the WHO, WHAT, HOW tagline creator.

And it’s going to help you become more relevant to the right audience which means more people buying your products or services or joining your business opportunity.

Now in the first example you'll see our tagline here at Home Business Hero is Helping Home Business Owners Master Online Marketing in 6 Simple Steps.

So, who do we help? We help home business owners. 

What do we help them with? We help them with mastering online marketing.

How do we help them? We help them with a simple 6 step process.

This example here is from one of our clients MJ Christiansen. She helps direct sales reps sell more products on Facebook faster by staying focused on the right things.

And in our final example Maria Perryman Helps women entrepreneurs who want to re-invest themselves online.

So, have a go at creating a Who, What, How tagline for your business to clarify who you help, what do you help them with and how do you help them.

To Wrap Up...

Have you created your Who, What, How Tagline and if so... what is it?

We'd love to know who you help, what you help them with and how you help them.

Let me know in the comments below.

Do You Know Anyone Who Needs Help With This? 🙂

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