Day 4: Which Areas of Social Media Can You Automate?

This is Day #4 of my 30 day foundational SMART Social Media Marketer series.

This series has been designed to give you a high level introduction to my SMART Social Media Marketing System.

In this series I'll be talking high level Social Media Marketing Strategy. The thing most marketers are missing.

All the teachings in this series are 60 seconds or less allowing you to absorb the core concepts quickly.

And in this post we'll be discussing a little more about the Automation side of your business.

So, let's dive in 🙂

Day #4: Which Areas of Social Media Can You Automate?

Now, when I first started marketing my business on social media, I thought I had to do everything myself, and I thought I had to do it manually.

It used to take me hours, and hours each day with nothing to show for it.

I got really frustrated and really miserable and I didn't know what to do to change things.

I was missing out on my kids growing up, and my body was in pain because I was sitting in front of the computer for so long.

And I was almost ready to give up.

@realgavinmountford SMART Social Media Marketers use Automation where possible, meaning they work SMART instead of hard, and whilst others are slaving away 24/7 on their business they are living life! If you'd like to see the 30 days of this video series, make sure you LIKE this and hit the FOLLOW button for more. #socialmediamarketing #digitalmarketing #affiliatemarketing #onlinemarketing #internetmarketing #videomarketing #fyp #foryoupage #entrepreneur #homebusiness ♬ original sound - Gavin Mountford

Fortunately I decided to hire a coach, who helped me fix the problem.

He showed me how to automate and streamline my business using software and tools...

And you can do the same. Just work SMART instead of hard.

  • Use a planner and scheduler to post your content
  • Use Capture pages to build your email list
  • Use Autoresponders to follow up with leads
  • Create a funnel to qualify those leads
  • Create an online booking system to schedule calls
  • And create a sales system to sell

And automate most of your work.

When you implement something like this, everything will change.

If you'd like to follow along with the rest of the series, just hit the next > button below.


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